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Prescription Policy

Written Prescriptions

You may request a written prescription at your appointment. This is a legal document. In the interests of accuracy and efficiency, we will only write prescriptions. We advise that you keep this in a safe location. You will need to provide the written prescription to the pharmacy of your choice; this ensures accuracy of your pet’s prescriptions. Bear in mind, some pharmacies will keep your original prescription. Unfortunately duplicate written prescriptions may incur a charge. The original prescription would also have to be voided as well.

Note that we do not sign authorization forms from external pharmacies. We provide a legally compliant written prescription that any certified licensed pharmacy can fill.

Pursuant to state law a valid VCPR (Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship) must exist for all prescription medications. This means that the patient has to have been examined recently by a veterinarian. Certain medications may require current lab work and other diagnostic tests.

Please note that we have no control of external (outside) pharmacies’ supply and quality control of medications. As such most manufacturer guarantees will probably not apply for pharmaceuticals/nutraceuticals purchased at other pharmacies. This may apply to manufacturer rebates as well. We also have no control of shipping issues and/or delays.

Please make sure that when you arrive at our hospital that you have your pets on their leash for their safety. Sorry for the inconvenience of the loud noises due to construction as we work to expand our hospital and services.

Please arrive early due to limited parking. Thank you for your understanding.